Fish & Fish Eel Farm

Fish & Fish eel farm is engaged in eel wholesale. We provide a lot of attention to our eels and ensure the best growing conditions, so we are able to produce products of exceptional quality. We care about the welfare of eels and the quality of products at every step.

Fish&Fish eel farm: our eels

Fish & Fish eels are farmed under perfect conditions in clean water – a multi-stage water filtering equipment ensures impeccable water quality in the system and 24-26 degree celsius temperature whole year round.

• Eels are living in a stress-free environment, so they are healthier and are feeding better;

• Before leaving the farm eels are going through a “purging” procedure: they are transfered to a separate specialized system. In this system their organisms are cleaned and this allows to ensure that they have no off-flavour (fish from some other farms have a specific “mud” off-flavour);

• Farm is participating in eel restocking, as each year part of eels are going into lakes and rivers. And farm is buying glass eels only from reliable and responsible suppliers.

Fresh eels

  • Live eels
  • Cooled eels

  • Frozen eels

Smoked eels

  • Fresh smoked eels
  • Frozen smoked eels

Other from eels

  • Canned smoked eel with jelly

  • Canned smoked eel with agar jelly
  • Canned smoked eel with vegetables in jelly


  • Trading for eel farming

  • Trading live in special trailer

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