Frozen gutted European eel

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Frozen gutted European eel

Frozen gutted eels of various sizes. Once the required size, the eels are last sized and transferred to a separate system for “cleaning”, where they are completely cleaned of any feed residue, thus ensuring that the eels do not have any foreign taste (the “sludge” aftertaste often felt in other eels). This ensures that you can enjoy the clean, real taste of the eel while tasting it.

weight and price:

100-270  g — 20,99 €
270-550  g — 29,99 €
550-700  g — 29,99 €
700-900 g — 29,99 €
>900 g  — 29,99 €

Storage conditions: -18 C.

Best before: 1 week from date of manufacture.

Additional information

Vieneto svorio amplitudė

100-270 g, 270-550 g, 550-700 g, 700-900 g, >900 g

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    I found the article “Frozen gutted European eel | Fish & Fish” very informative. It’s interesting to learn about the different ways fish are prepared and consumed around the world. The article provides helpful tips on how to prepare the eel for cooking, including removing the skin and bones. I appreciate the emphasis on sustainable fishing practices and the use of techniques to minimize waste. Overall, a great read for any seafood lover!

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