Fish & Fish EEL FARM

Eel is one of the most mysterious fish in the world. The exact location and conditions of eel spawning remain a mystery and so far no one has been able to successfully make it spawn under artificial conditions.

Fish & fish eels farmed in RAS (recirculating aquaculture system)

The Fish & Fish farm uses a closed recirculating system equipped with Dutch technology. Thanks to this system, eels have favorable and high-quality conditions for growing on the Fish & fish farm. System allows eels to grow and develop in the water several times faster than normally in nature. Perfect conditions allows to produce healthy and hiqh quality fish.

Advantages of the RAS system

Eels are cultivated in perfect conditions and clean water – multi-stage water filtering system ensures impeccable water quality in the system and allows to keep 24-26 degree celsius temperature all year round.

Fish & Fish eels

Fish & fish eels, as a product of highest quality, were appreciated in Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our eel farm is participating in conservation of eel stocks, as each year part of our eels are released into rivers and lakes and we choose only reliable and responsible glass eel suppliers.

Fish & fish eels are fed with high quality feed

Fish & Fish eels are fed only with highest quality, carefully selected feed. High quality feed helps to ensure, that eels would grow efficiently and have a constant and perfect taste.

We provide our eels with stress-free environment, so they stay healthy and eat better.

Vitality of nutrition and feed

“You are what you eat” – this saying is true for eels as well. For that reason we take their nutrition very seriously. Our smallest eels on their first days in the farm are fed with cod roe, while later they get premium quality specialised eel feed, which we import from Denmark or Dutch feed suppliers. There are no GMO, antibiotics, hormones or other harmful substances in the feed, only natural ingredients. Feed is selected according to eel size and is balanced for particular stage of their lives to provide the necessary nutrients.

Healthy and unpolluted fish

Unlike fish living in polluted waters, our eels do not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances, because we use water from deep water wells, which provides stable parameters and is completely protected from the environment.